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Available Master Thesis'

6D Pose Estimation of an Object using deep learning

A detailed project description is here.

The project should build on a recent paper that received the best paper award at ECCV2018. The paper was written by the imaging group at DLR. 

Starting point will be an evaluation of the approach based on the publicly available code.

A short visit at DLR is possible.



Kuka Robot Arm Calibration

We have two of the amazing Kuka IIWA robots. These robots have force sensors in each of their joints to assure safety. The sensors are sampled with 1kHz, and the arm can stop immediately it senses an unexpected force. See a video with a demo of this.

The goal of this project is to calibrate the arm. The approach will be based on an available paper, and we want to compare the results with an approach by the local company cognibotics.

The guy in the video is now the CEO of the robotics startup Fraka, from which we also have a robot (the Franka Emika). Your work can also be used to calibrate that robot.

This work would be jointly supervisised by myself and Anders Robertsson.

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